Joshua Logan's journey into the world of conjuring arts began at 6 years old. It was his chance encounter with magician David Copperfield that sparked his thirst for magic. After performing at the Pantages theater in Hollywood, Copperfield produced a close-up miracle for young Joshua by somehow making his full name appear on a nearby Hollywood star! Awestruck, it was that wonderful moment that sparked Logan's desire know more.

Later Logan would learn that there was a famous Producer/Director that shared his name that was displayed on the nearby Hollywood star. Copperfield was resourceful and somehow remembered that the Hollywood star was located just around the corner from where young Joshua stood.

The rest was "just inspired action..."

It may have been just "show," but that single moment of astonishment was the inspiration that has been a driving force behind Joshua's magical career. His goal is to give others the same level of amazement for his audiences.

Studying and designing illusions became Logan's passion. At UCDavis he performed studies on visual illusions with Dr. Robert Post and performed engineering psychology studies under the guidance of Dr. Richard Coss.

Fate and favorable climate conditions brought Logan to Santa Cruz, California.

Logan credits his parents for teaching him how to love and spread wonder. He is currently learning to bend space and time.