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Special Effects Consultant & Sleight-of-Hand Artist.

Joshua Logan is an innovative creator - pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Magic Magazine called Joshua an “idea guy” with material that is “clever and commercial” in a 7-page spread featuring Joshua’s original routines & methods.

Joshua's journey into the world of conjuring arts began at 6 years old. It was his chance encounter with magician David Copperfield that sparked his passion for magic. After performing at the Pantages theater in Hollywood, Copperfield produced a close-up miracle for young Joshua by somehow making his full name appear on a nearby Hollywood star! Awestruck, it was that wonderful moment of astonishment that sparked Joshua's desire to seek the truth behind illusions. From that moment, Joshua's curiosity was the driving force behind his magical career. His goal being to create the same level of amazement for his audiences.

Studying and designing illusions became Joshua's passion. At UC Davis, he performed studies on visual illusions with Dr. Robert Post, along with human factors psychology studies under the guidance of Dr. Richard Coss.

Fate and favorable climate conditions brought Joshua to Santa Cruz, California where Joshua helped develop an original line of magic products, tools and technology in collaboration with legendary creator & mentor to David Blaine, Paul Harris. Joshua directed magic instructional DVDs for Paul Harris Presents, created for first-time performers as well as experienced professional magicians. Joshua managed internal development of projects, including: WINGS, Animate & Restore, HandPicked Astonishments, FirstHand aka Freedom Change, and INK.

Joshua followed his passion and soon recognized his calling to birth something of his own. In 2016, Joshua co-founded the newest magic shop in California, Boardwalk Magic at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

Boardwalk Magic created a unique magic shop experience- working closely with magicians of all ages, from all around the world! Boardwalk Magic features novelties, magic tricks and illusions, as well as carries thousands of the latest products available at Boardwalk Magic is more than just a storefront, but a place for community, travelers, children, and magic enthusiasts to gather, learn, and be astonished.

Joshua credits his parents for teaching him how to love and spread wonder. He is currently learning to bend space and time.

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“Magic reminds us that nothing is as it seems.”


Magic Consulting & Workshops



“Joshua performs magic that ignites the inner child within us all. We were truly amazed and left questioning reality.”

Airdog USA | Silicon Valley, CA

“Everyone thoroughly enjoyed Joshua’s performance!“

- Pollinate | Portland, OR

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The most tasteful, classic, and artistic magic show I’ve ever seen.”

- John G. (Hired through Thumbtack)

“I hired Joshua for my company’s event this summer and was blown away by his work! His talent and professionalism far exceeded expectations. Joshua has a way of making magic intriguing and amazing. By the end of the event, people were buzzing over his tricks. Great person and pleasure to work with.”

- Pamela H. (Hired through Bark)




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Astonishment is not an emotion that’s created. It’s an existing state that’s revealed.
— Paul Harris